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Scenes From Santorini

Take me back. The day after our wedding, Diana and I whisked away to beautiful Santorini, Greece. We were lucky enough to be able to visit Greece, Italy and Turkey and Santorini was by far my favorite.

As soon as we landed on the island of Santorini we were warmly greeted by the staff at the airport. We quickly hopped into a taxi and headed straight for the nearby city of Oia, just 25 minutes away. Once in Oia the staff at the tourist center grabbed our bags and walked us right to our room at the Caldera Villa. The room overlooked the sea and was incredibly affordable seeing as we were traveling off-season. Santorini was so quiet and the stillness of the island was amazing. Everyone was relaxed and preparing for the tourist season to start. We absolutely loved meeting the locals and found that they were so eager to serve.

There are buses that visit other parts of the island and leave hourly from the tourist center. If you visit Thira, you can take a mule ride to the bottom of the island where you can board a boat for a tour of the volcano and a dip in the hot springs. If you are staying in Oia, the boat tours can drop you right back in town in time to have dinner at one of the many restaurants with a view of the sunset. Santorini was so beautiful and during our entire trip it was the one location that I felt the photos really didn’t do it justice. The landscape of the island is stunning and the white houses truly gorgeous, but be prepared to walk a ton of stairs while visiting!


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